AGT’s expertise in the steel bridge fabrication industry brought to life our Cross-Frames Robotic Welding System dedicated to Steel Bridge Manufacturers.

Cross-Frames in Steel Bridge Manufacturing:

X-FramesMost of the steel bridge manufacturers fabricate cross-frames.
The cross-frames are critical members for the stability of straight and curved steel bridges. Conventional cross frames are often fabricated from steel angles. The main configuration for the cross frames are X and K (Xs being the one used most of the time).


AGT’s Cross-Frames Robotic Welding System:

SubjectDescription / remarks
FootprintApproximately 26’ x 40’
Welding systemA high capacity, Heavy duty welding system is included
Torch cleaningA torch cleaning station is included
SafetyFences and two light curtains are included.  Some modifications may be required to fit customer’s layout
Seam findingLaser touch sensing will be used to locate the T joints

The goal is to automate the welding tasks of a bridge cross-frame. Thus, the operators can concentrate on the assembly of the parts to improve production capacity.
It is not possible to have a mass production of cross frames as they might be all the same but slightly different in sizes. That is the reason why we have done a parametric programming system
The system is equipped with a laser touch sensing package.  This system will allow fast and accurate seam finding for all joints.

How it works:

Robotic Welding for Cross Frames Manufacturers

Benefits of the system:

AGT’s Robotic Cross-Frames Welding System is a standard robotic cell with 3 working zones:

  • 2x manual assembly zones (A & B)
  • 1 robotized welding zone

AGT’s Robotic Cross-Frames Welding System provides following advantages:

  • Compact design
  • Very quick setup
  • No robot immobilization
  • No programming
  • No need for specialized labor
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Very simple to use.
  • Can be used for other products than X-Frames (please consult our sales department for your specific application)

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