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Robotic Welding for the Fabrication of Large Panels (WG2101OLP)

Robotic Welding on Gantry


AGT’s expertise in the metal fabrication industry brought to life a Robotic Welding System on Gantry dedicated to Power Plant Ductwork Fabricators.

Power plant ductwork fabrication:

Structural process ductwork carries large volumes of hot, dusty air from processing equipment to mills, baghouses.  Rectangular ductworks are covered by the ASCE “The Structural Design of Air & Gas Ducts for Process Power Stations and Industrial Applications”.

These ductworks are assembled via large structural steel panels previously weld. It is where our robotic welding solution comes in handy.






WG2101OLP: AGT’s Robotic Welding System on Gantry for Power Plant Ductwork Panels

SubjectDescription / Remarks
FootprintApproximately 95′ x 26′ x 16′
Welding systemA high capacity, Heavy duty welding system is included
Torch cleaningA torch cleaning station is included
Seam findingLaser touch sensing will be used to locate the T joints

The goal is to automate the welding tasks on panels. Thus, the operators can concentrate on the assembly of the parts to improve production capacity.

The system is equipped with a laser touch sensing package.  This system will allow fast and accurate seam finding for all joints.



Other applications

Although this system is perfectly adapted to large panelized ductwork, it can also be easily applied to other applications such as:

  • Large skid metal manufacturing
  • Metal rig mat manufacturers
  • Shipyards
  • etc.

Benefits of the system

Our Robotic Ducwork Panel Welding System is a robotic cell on gantry with 2 working zones:

  • 2x manual assembly zones (A & B)
  • both zones are adjustable in width (ex. zone A 1/3, zone B 2/3)

This Robotic Welding System – WR2101OLP (dedicated to Power Plant Ductwork Fabricators) provides following advantages:

  • Very quick setup
  • No robot immobilization
  • No need for specialized labor
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Very simple to use.


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