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ScanMaster – Recently Featured on News

Scanmaster robotic dimensional inspection cell

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The ScanMaster is a complete turnkey 3D inspection solution for manufacturing companies performing automated quality control directly on the production line.

AGT Robotics, the leader in low-volume/high-mix robotic equipment, and Creaform, the leader in 3D measurement solutions, developed a fully automated turnkey 3D inspection solution for manufacturing companies that perform quality control directly on the production line.

Powered by Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D R-Series, ScanMaster combines flexibility and speed of execution (short delivery times) in a plug-and-play automated solution. The metrology cell enables process control operations in a compact and secure environment for both on-line and off-line inspections.

The MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanning system, along with the C-Track™ dual-camera sensors, brings TRUaccuracy™ technology to production lines, allowing the measurement of complex parts of up to 1 m3—with no compromise on accuracy.

Offering up to two loading entry points, ScanMaster is available in three possible configurations to meet a wide variety of inspection requirements and applications. Use the automated turntable to complement the robot’s scanning of your parts.

Independent of operator or technician experience, the ScanMaster provides 24/7 inspection capabilities resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtimes in the part set-up process.


Recently Featured on News

Official launch was Thursday, May 28th. Since, our ScanMaster has been featured in press and media all over the world!


This latest offering, the ScanMaster, features Creaform TRUaccuracy technology and it’s designed for automated quality control applications. Powered by Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D R-Series optical scanning system, the new AGT ScanMaster robot cell takes on dimensional metrology of complex parts – parts of up to one cubic meter in size – in both on-line and off-line inspection processes.

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